Richard Barker

Prof. Richard W Barker, OBE   Founder and Co-chairman

Richard is guiding the company in the areas of health care systems interaction, medical focus planning, clinical partnerships and overall long term strategy. Richard is an internationally respected leader in the field of health care and life sciences. His career has spanned industry, health services and academia in Europe and the US. He therefore understands how medical innovation is developed, commercialized and adopted in a variety of health systems. His international business career includes biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical informatics. Richard has served for the last 5 years on the board of Celgene, a leading international biopharmaceutical company. He chairs South London Health Innovation Network and several other health organizations and companies. Previously Richard has served as Director General of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, a Board and Executive Committee member of EFPIA (the European pharmaceutical industry association), Senior Vice-President, Chiron Corporation (Boston), General Manager, Worldwide Healthcare Solutions, IBM (White Plains, NY) and Partner at McKinsey & Co. Prof. Barker was awarded an OBE in the 2012 Honours List for services to the pharmaceutical industry. He holds a Visiting Professorship at Oxford University and an honorary chair at UCL, and is an honorary fellow of the British Pharmacological Society. He has been voted as one of the 50 most influential individuals in UK healthcare.


Prof. Andrew Krentz, M.D.   Head of the Cardiometabolic division

Andrew is an academic physician and researcher with more than three decades of experience at leading institutes in the UK and USA. His main clinical focus is the spectrum of cardiometabolic disorders that includes obesity and diabetes as prominent precursors of vascular disease. Complementing his broad clinical perspective is a range of research expertise that includes pre-clinical and early-phase clinical drug development (as Senior Research Fellow, ProSciento, San Diego, USA), mechanistic clinical trials and epidemiology (the latter gained during a British Heart Foundation International Research Fellowship at the University of California San Diego, USA where he holds a teaching position). He has made several pioneering contributions to translational medicine that have become established therapies. Andrew was the Director of the Institute for Translational Medicine at the University of Buckingham, UK where he was also Professor of Endocrinology & Metabolism and Director of the Clore Life Sciences laboratory. He currently holds the position of visiting Professor of Medical Science at the Institute for Cardiovascular & Metabolic Research, University of Reading, UK. Beyond pharmacotherapeutics he has long recognised that psychological and behavioral factors are barriers to best outcomes in long-term self-managed disorders and that novel approaches are required to span the translational medicine gap between clinical trials and real world practice.

Jérome Voegeli

Jérome Voegeli, M.D.   Lead Expert on Hematologic Oncology

Jérome is an FMH / FAMH certified specialist in hematology and general internal medicine. He is leading the division for hematology of the Volta medico-surgical center in La Chaux-de-Fond and, until 2012 served as a Deputy Head of the Oncology Service in the Canton of Neuchatel responsible for hematology (including hospitals in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Pourtales, Providence and Le Locle). Jérome is an established innovation leader in his field in Switzerland and beyond. He is known for his persistent efforts to accelerate the adoption of recently developed and approved new oncological treatments allowing to dramatically improve the outcomes for his patients. Prior to setting up his private practice in 1998, he worked as chief resident / specialist registrar at the medical polyclinic hospital in Geneva and gained complementary experience at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV) for internal medicine and oncology and at the Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève (HUG) for hematology and hemostasis. He is the holder of a Doctorate in Medicine awarded by the University of Lausanne.

Serge Umansky

Serge Umansky, PhD   Co-founder and Co-chairman

Serge is guiding the company strategy in the areas of technology and finance. Serge’s expertise originates from 12 years in science and engineering (focusing on mathematical modelling of complex and nonlinear systems) followed by over 20 years in the investment industry including hands on management of direct investments in private equity and technology ventures with recent specific focus on AI and distributed data systems. Serge started his career as a researcher in numerical analysis and computerized simulations of multi-dimensional non-linear problems related to the aerospace industry and material technologies. He obtained his Doctorate and Ph.D. from the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Kiev. He subsequently worked for over 25 years in the US and Switzerland in senior management roles. His most recent professional engagements include Signet Capital Management (which he co-founded in 2003) and Morgan Creek Capital. While working at Signet, he designed and managed the implementation of an innovative multi-factor risk modelling system for complex investment portfolios. Serge has been an early investor in several venture tech businesses such as Paxos/iTBit and Wirex and served as an advisor in other startup tech projects.

André Jaun

André Jaun, PhD   Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

André is leading the development on the technology front. His original experience has been in Computational Plasma Physics and Scientific Computing at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm where he published 92 scientific papers and supervised several M.Sc. and PhD students while pursuing international collaborations with world leading institutions such as the MIT, the ITER project, and the Universities of Berkeley and Stanford. Andre then changed the focus of his activities to financial markets in 2006 and after 2009 was the head of risk management of the Morgan Creek / Signet group. From 2014 he became a Managing Partner of Renaissance-Data, where he has been developing cross-asset models for proprietary trading applications using artificial intelligence algorithms (deep-learning neural networks) to identify real-time data patterns. In 2018 he joined Mindfire as a Talent, a collaboration group uniting experts across sciences to solve challenges facing the development of human-like artificial intelligence. He is a holder of an Associate Professor title in Scientific Computing from KTH and a PhD in Plasma Physics from EPF Lausanne.

Natalie Pankova

Natalie Pankova, PhD   Chief Operating Officer

Natalie is leading operations at Metadvice. She holds a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, has worked as a scientist and executive in pharma, biotech and healthtech companies, has conducted research at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, and spent years as an educator at leading universities in Canada. Through this background she understands the challenges in dissemination, analysis and communication of vital data between healthcare stakeholders as well as between healthcare professionals and patients. She has led operations in drug discovery and development, health technology and machine learning, building novel technologies from the ground up. She was previously Chief Operating Officer building a global distributed ledger technology (DLT) based genomics data sharing platform for advancing precision medicine. Additionally she led healthcare efforts at the Government Blockchain Association in the UK, facilitating discussions about distributed ledger technologies between the healthcare industry and the public sector, and participates in pharma and healthcare related technology initiatives such as those within the Pharmaceutical Users Exchange Group (PhUSE) and the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Blockchain at the UK Parliament.

Jules Barker-Yip

Jules Barker-Yip   Marketing & Communications Support

Jules Barker-Yip is a Director of healthcare marketing and communications who also has expertise in patient engagement and health economics. She has over 10 years’ pharmaceutical experience across a variety of therapy areas including hepatology, oncology, cardiovascular medicine and women’s health. Jules has delivered award-winning communications and marketing programmes for both pharmaceutical companies and the NHS. Her in-house experience includes working for the UK subsidiaries of MSD and Pfizer.

Melissa Ream

Melissa Ream   Data Governance and Regulatory Support

Melissa has been managing and advising major projects related to system change and innovation across the whole health system, FTSE 100 companies, trade bodies and a range of central government departments. She is closely involved in the British AHSN AI Initiative, working with NHS England, the Department for Health and Social Care, NHS Digital and the Office for Life Science. Previously, she worked for Deloitte, Diamond Technology Partners (now part of PWC) and the British Chambers of Commerce. Melissa holds a BSc in Biology and Medical Humanities from Davidson College in North Carolina and an MBA and a Master of Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin.

Dereck Franklin

Dereck Franklin   Research &, Development

Dereck Franklin has 10+ years build web applications and analytical models in finance, sports, and energy. He has extensive experience building predictive models using traditional statistical models, machine learning, neural networks, and reinforcement learning. Currently, he is working on building software tools that implement the latest technology machine learning to improve services in energy and medical sectors.


We actively collaborate with EPFL by hosting MSc students who spend half a year for an internship with our company.

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