Precision Medicine

A virtuous feedback loop involves humans, curated data and a machine learning engine; it facilitates the identification of a precise diagnostic and the selection of personalized therapy. A computer is required to handle the explosion of information that becomes available with the recent advance of genetics and wearable devices.


Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms and Neural Networks in particular are used at the core of our technology, all the way from the interpretation of medical records, the identification of plausible diagnostics to the formulation of a therapy that is suited for an individual patient. Rather than hiding behind a black box, the technology empowers users to visualize data explaining particular recommendations, letting doctors and patients draw their own evidence based conclusions.

AI brain


Distributed Ledger Technology

As owners of medical data, patients and doctors have to be able to manage access rights in a dynamical manner. By law, this includes the right to revoke access at any time; should they not also have the possibility to safely share, on a temporary basis, with cutting-edge specialists around the world? Metadvice relies on Distributed Ledger Technologies (aka Blockchain) to empower users so that they can manage precisely who has access to what and for how long.